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261620K Side Table

261620K Side Table

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Side table 'add on' kit assembled 690/900 kit (Left or Right)*


246920 or 246915: 690 table bracket formed (Left or Right)

566410: Bolt - 5/16 x 3/4 hex head (Qty.2)

566304: Washer - 5/16 sae flat washer zinc (Qty.2)

700420: Side table blow molded plastics version one with cup holder (Qty.1)

203150: Side table hinge bracket (PR), gray (Qty.1)

566300: Washer-10 internal tooth washer zinc (Qty.4)

566509: Screw-mach 10-24 x 3/8 pan phil M/S zinc (Qty.4)

243273: Threaded rod (Qty.2)

566205: Nut - 5/16-18 hex nylon lock nut zinc (Qty.4)


*690's made PRIOR to January 13th, 2006. If made AFTER, see 261640K.


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