Replacing an Older Mac Medical Warming Cabinet PC Board

Replacing an Older Mac Medical Warming Cabinet PC Board

You have determined that the PCB is at fault for your Mac Medical warming cabinet failure and you have ordered a replacement board.  You have done everything correctly, providing the model and serial number for your cabinet and when you receive the board it is different...

Mac Medical has updated the version of the PCB over the years. However, the good news is that the different boards will work.  In view of improving the routing of the wires, the terminals for Lock1 have been moved to the mother-board from the display board.  The only wire going to the display board is the ribbon cable that connects it to the motherboard.  All other wires terminate on the motherboard.

You will notice that the terminals are identified (printed on the PCB).  All wires will go to the same identifier on the terminal blocks but the only real change is Lock1 terminal as previously mentioned.

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