Preventative Maintenance For Warming Cabinets

Preventative Maintenance For Warming Cabinets

What can go wrong with a basic warming cabinet? Although it may seem to be a simple device, these warming cabinets hold therapeutic fluids and blankets, where failure to maintain these cabinets can have a more significant effect than you may have imagined.


On page 24 of the manual found on our IFU and "How To" videos page (CLICK TO VIEW), Mac Medical warming cabinets have a daily, weekly and monthly and Semi-Annual checklist of essential checks for the proper function and safety of the cabinet.


Daily Checklist

1. Ensure that the correct operation and maintenance manual is available to all users.

2. Ensure that all personnel using this appliance have been properly trained in the warmer cabinet operation and safety instructions.

3. DO NOT overload the cabinet. Load contents (blankets or fluids) into the chamber with a minimum of 1 inch of space between walls and fan to allow for circulation

Weekly Checklist

1. Inspect the condition of the plug and cord. Replace if damaged.

2. Clean dust from back and side vents.

3. If any of the chamber shelves are unstable when setting objects on them, check the shelf clips that the shelves sit on. Make sure these are not loose. If any are loose, snap back into place.

4. Check basket shelves (if applicable) and side rail condition. Do the baskets move smoothly and freely?

5. Check that all control indicators (heat and alarm) and the LED display light up. LED Display panel must show lighted top and bottom displays. Heat light will stay on solid while the unit is heating up to its SetPoint Temperature. Once the Set Point temp is reached, the light will begin to pulsate and continue to pulsate to maintain the Set Point temp.

6. Periodically check the alarm by setting the temperature ±15° from the setpoint to test the alarm. If the temperature rises or drops 15° below its set point, the alarm should buzz, and its light goes on. (Note: 90°F is the lowest temperature point. To test the alarm from this point, heat the unit 15° beyond its lowest temperature, then bring the set point down to test the alarm.)


Monthly Checklist

1. Check the condition of casters or feet. Ensure components are secure and tightly threaded.

2. Check the control panel overlay condition. Are there any tears or excessive wear on the graphic? Does the control work properly when buttons are pushed?

3. Is the set temperature comparable to the actual temperature displayed? Check chamber air temperature with a quality thermocouple placed 1 inch (25 mm) from the chamber. Do not allow the sensor to touch any surface. Monitor for approximately one hour in an empty chamber.


Semi-Annual Checklist

1. Check the temperature accuracy on a semi-annual basis by placing an IR Temp probe or thermocouple on calibrated meter near the fan inlet. In general, air temperature should be ±1°F for upper chamber and countertop units and ±3°F for lower chambers and large single cabinet units. See table column "Temperature Tolerance" on page 18 for details. If the cabinet is not within these guidelines, contact MAC Medical for further assistance.

2. Inspect the Fan Blades for lint and any other debris buildup. Clean as necessary. NOTE: MAC Medical recommends replacing the Fan Motor with Fan Blade every two years to ensure uninterrupted service.




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